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for thorough job that they've done to bring the charges that they brung against mr. wafer. i don't even know why i'm saying mr. wafer. this monster that killed my daughter. >> you took a life, and you took a beautiful life that was starting to blossom into a beautiful woman. and for that, i hope you stay in jail for the rest of your life. >> wafer's lawyer maintains he agented in self defense. bc onilery, al jazeera, new york. >>> just to note we also contacted the attorneys for theodore wafer but they did not get back to us. thank you very much for joining us tonight. ranisha mcbride's family must be relieved that mr. wafer was charged today. >> very, very pleased. these were the proper charges to be brought. we've waited two weeks as you've just stated but the prosecutor with the help of the michigan state police and the dearborn heights police department and her own investigators revealed that this was an unjustifiable homicide, that this was second degree murder. >> this is what we know about minimum about wafer so far. he has worked at the detroit airport for ten years, reportedly takes
supporting a republican bill allowing americans to keep their health plans even if they don't meet the affordable care act standards. the white house says the president will veto the bill >> formal charges have been vialed against theodore wafer, the michigan man who allegedly shot unarmed teenager renisha mcbride dead on his front porch. renisha mcbride crashed her car and walked to theodore wafer's house for wep. theodore wafer has been charged with murder. the details are unclear. >> devastation in the philippines - a struggle to reach survivors as thousands are homeless and desperate. international aid is pouring in as a clean-up operation tries to speed up deliveries of relief supplies. >> in china - an overhaul of the one-child rule. the ruling communist party decided couples can have a second child if the mum or dad is an only child. i'm morgan radford. those are the headlines. "consider this" is next and you can get the latest news online at aljazeera.com. see you in an hour. arms and almost two weeks later the shooter was charged. consider this, with similarities to the tr
in the system. i don't know how they got through the hole. i'm grateful the f.b.i. did the job they did to find prints on i.e.d.s and link them to the bombs. >> how did it happen, given there did seem to be notification about at least one of them - with fingerprints in the system. >> you know, someone has to look in the right place at the right way. it's possible fingerprints taken at the time may not have been the full prints. we in the f.b.i. do major case prints. we print all the fingertips, bottom parts of the finger, the palm, the thumb. every part of the hand with a print - we keep that in the database. when incarcerated in iraq in 2006, they may have had partial prints and it may not have led to leading to this i.e.d. part, it may not have been the same partial print. i don't know as far as the database that homeland security was using. i don't know to what extent they researched the backgrounds. it may have been they plead their case, said they were refugees, coming from a village or clan. >> the first suspect, waad ramadan alwan was admitted to the u.s. after he claimed he faced persec
is sorry to the millions of americans that are losing their healthcare plans because the coverage don't doesn't meet the requirements mandated by the affordable care act. the president has been saying for years if he the they like tr plans they can keep them. will see you back here at 11:00 eastern and 8:00 west edmonton:. the fda takes a hit on obese tea. owety. owe obesity of is this a band-aid on a far larger problem? >> john kerr kerry announces a l in geneva. >>> j why did that documentary never see the light of day in america? the block buster director and sir jackie stewart will join us with that story. >>> i'm antonio mora we begin with this your health and the fda. most people know that transfats can be really bad for you. now the food and drug administration has put out a propos al thaal that could see transfats banned from the diet they raise bad cholesterol and they have no known health benefit or safety limit. to understand the significance of the proposal i'm joined by dean ornis. thiornishi dean great to have you with us what did you think when you heard this announceme
ation anyway. you don't need thank transfats there is an economi transfats increase the risk of diabetes and the chronic inflammation. and i bet you anything that those numbers are a underestimatation. people have been eating less transfats and the fda dr requird them to be inincluded on food labels. americans consumed ha 4 and a hf grams of transfat and in resent years the levels of the transfatty acids in adult blood streams have dropped 60%. is the fda late to the party with this proposal? >> better late than never. i have a lot of admiration for from peggy hamburg. there is a lot of money at stake here. there is a lot of pressure from food mrves manufacturers sayingy wait a minute i don't want to o that. the reason the transfat levels have dropped is because cops companies have stopped using them in their products. is that the end all or be all? of course not, but it's a good start. julie greenseed had this to say about the move on al jazeera. most manufacturers and restaurants have gotten rid of transfat that is the good news. >> and now the oils are available and they don't coast
that got cancellation notices deserve and have received an apology from me. they don't want words, they want whether we can make sure that they are in a better place when we made that commitment. >> no one could identify anything the president could do it administratively to keep the pledge. let's be clear, the only way to fully help the american people is to scrap this law >> for more on what the president's new rules would mean on anyone that lost their shirns, i'm joined by emily ethridge, health care staff writer with roll call. the president's new plans, insurance commissioner said: >> along with being the mess is bandaid? >> it's not a band aid, but it's a difficult thing for insurance companies and commissioners to figure out. they have six weeks left in the year to scramble and put the policies back together. they have decided it may not happen this year or maybe next year. it's a lift - paperwork wise, administratively, it will be difficult to make this happen. >> one of the other issues that john boehner raised is that obamacare can't be fixed with an administrative acti
americans -- and the left president obama says americans can keep their policies even if they don't meet the law's requirements. >> this is not a big game, but the game is not over >> a survey by the associated press finds more than 4.2 million americans buy their own health insurance received cancellation notices. a week after one of the worst storms on record officials in the philippines are burying victims in mass graves. the official death toll from typhoon haiyan is more than 4400. more than 800,000 are homeless. >> toronto's embattled mayor, rob ford under pressure to resign, he had to apologise for using obscene language, whilst denying making sexual advance tos a female counsellor. that's the news at this hour. see you back here at 11 eastern, 8 pacific time. "consider this" is next. [ ♪ theme ]. >>> the president promising fixes on his troubled health care plan, "consider this" - the white house, if they can't get it right in 3.5 years, will another year make is different? america's long-held believes about the poor are wrong. they are white and more suburban by the day. what
level at the end as it goes in. >> why don't we start on the positive side. let's look at strengths of the deal. the most intrusive inspections, it stalls. the march towards nuclear capability with all the restrictions, and we are giving away small concessions on sanctions because it's really in the grand scheme of the sanction, it's really not that much that we are giving up. do you think it's a good deal? >> this was the final deal, it would not be a good deal. mr pickering said we are in an interim stage. my concern is we get the intruce i-in possessions which is a -- intrusive inspections by is a good thing. there's nothing about the military aspects of the nuclear program, and the ability to visit the parcheen site north west of tehran, which is a major concern. that's part of the challenge, that there has been parallel activity ongoing that has been concerning the western powers for some time in addition to the enrichment that was spoken about. that's my concern that during the six-month deal they may be able to cap the 20% enrichment efforts and neutralize it to some degree.
to office to look you in the eye and tell you the truth even if you don't like the truth being told. that's the jersey way. i know in my heart that what is going to happen tomorrow night is going to send a message not only to everyone in new jersey. tomorrow night america is going to be watching new jersey. >> he calls himself a conservative. most of us see him as a moderate, most analysts do. is that the difference between him and cuccinelli, does the moderate winning of the republican party gain some new traction today? >> i think just a little bit. but if you're talking about christie for president in 2016, i still think it's a huge long shot for obvious reasons. namely when you get him to the primary season for the republicans, he's going to seem way, way, way too liberal particularly on social issues for a lot of folks. he is a pretty unique character. just listening to that just now sort of thinking i'm listening to tony soprano. brash, catholic, tough guy, he has the vibrato which has played very well and comes interestingly against the backdrop of the state with very high taxes an
they don't need or if there's a false prove. somebody shouldn't get a mastectomy by not checking with a doctor would they? >> well it's a big country. i wouldn't say never. what about a b rc 1 or 2 mutation, i'm not at high risk of breast cancer, thank god i don't have to get those mammograms rmammograms anymore. well, if you've got a mutation it's more like 80%. if you don't have the mutation it goes down to 11.79%. without somebody to explain what this means? me know americans are not very good with percentages because the lotteries are failure irk, the possibility for danger is real. i think it's a combination of the clinical validity being really absent in this stuff and the absence of a trained intermediary. that's what makes this worry worrisome. >> i see ron is headaching his head, go ahead ron. >> if you look at the breast cancer page that they offer at 23 and me, they are extremely careful to explain these risks. we should point out with regard to false negative testing, this was, frequent the test for hiv virus basically it has a 1 in 12 false positive rate, false negat
, this is beyond any doubl don my pun that i opinion that was m that caused the death of yasser arafat. >> for widow and daughter it's 10100%. >> when they came to the house and told me he just died. i will not stop. me and my daughter will go to all courts all over the world to punish who did this crime. >> now that i have proof that he was poisoned, i feel a relief, actually. a final closure will be knowing who killed him and the motive and the ambition behind it. >> more than 40 years of research have given scientist knowledge of the average levels of pulonium and radioactive led in human schedul schedule skele. >> everyone has a tiny amount of pulonium in their bones. the amount in yasser arafat is 900 mfg and that is 18 or 30 tiles the average depen dependin the li literature. the soil around his bones bones8 times high ir. on a scale t of confidence. the data support poison being at level five. these results conif i recall a theory of pulonium poisoning first put forward last year and then the same skin tis found that arafat's blood was contaminated with the pe pew pum 210 of the
obama is optimistic. >> we don't have to trust them. what we have to do is make sure that there is a good deal in place from the perspective of us verifying what they're doing, we can test it. >> for more i'm johnny damon by trita parsi, the president of the national iranian american council and here in new york is nathan carlson, served with the george w. bush administration, of the group iran. john kerry's trip to geneva, and are sergesergey lavrov is joinie group. do we have a deal? >> we are 90% chance of a deal. particularly folks who got us into iraq complaining about obama doing something that could be problematic, i feel it difficult to believe to be completely frank with you. it's not about trust as the president said. what you have to do is create a deal in which the mechanism for verification is such that you can trust the verification system, so that you know that if the other side is cheating you can catch them at a very early stage. if this deal in its second phase causes the iranian thes to implement the additional protocol then we have the best and mos
here or jug there will. >> reporter: he says his food stamps already don't stretch enough to feed him every month. he relies on extra help from the food planty and soup kitchen. >> we are here for the community. and they do have a place they can come to either to shop in the panty, have a hot sit down dinner or be part of our senior program where we serve a hot breakfast and supper. >> reporter: it is one of the largest in the country. 12,000 meals a month are served here at this location alone and administrators of the food bank say these cuts are daunting if not catastrophic. >> two thirds of the people on the snap program are children working parents, senior citizens and people are disabilities. 800,000 veterans receive snap benefits. >> reporter: experts say the cuts make it tougher for millions to put food on the table. >> this is a nationwide problem in all 50 states. we need national federal leadership to prevent the problem from getting worse. >> reporter: over '47 million people will have their food assistance cut and panties and soup kitchens will face further strain. >>> jo
enrollment, some haven't paid. some of the insurance companies don't consider that number to be accurate. so, there are supposed to be 39,000 to meet the original plans. how does this work? >> have you ever gone shopping on the web? you put something in your shopping cart and then you just don't buy it or you put it off? and it's still in your cart. they are counting people who put a healthcare plan in their shopping cart but haven't paid for it yet. we don't know if those people are actually going to enroll. about a third of that 106,000 are in california, who enrolled on a state website which is working very well. that's about a third of the total. and it's in one state. it's a big state. but it's in one state. look, what the add miles per hourstration has to do, number 1, is come up with a new plan, not a new affordable care plan but a new plan for exactly how they are going to fix it. people don't want to hear more apologies, more explanations. they want to hear exactly what the plan is to fix this thing and stop drawing red lines, stop saying it's going to be fixed by november 30th or d
these discrepancies and they bring up all sorts of quibbling details. the fact is they don't have answers to these largers issues which is accountability and responsibility and oversight. they have the ability to investigate. they have certified humane officers to issue citations, to make arrest, to investigate. here in los angeles, the d.a. reliance on it to pursue animal cruelty investigations, not the they just don't do these things. so this public trust in various manifestations have been enrusted to them and they aren't making use of it. >> hermella what is the viewer question? >> on twitter wants to know, does each animal have its own advocate on set and how are they held accountable? >> sag afhra productions because of this grant have these monitors on set i believe most of the time although there are holes where sometimes there are late notifications and distant notifications where different things come up where they're not there. but basically what happens is that the on-set monitor oversees the action and writes up reports on a daily basis of what they find and then send it into
. to monitor foreign lanes in that area. china's neighbors don't recognize owners of that area. >>> authorities are shutting down healthcare.org for more work. the administration pledged to have that website up and running tomorrow. won't be able to log on for 11 hours overnight. >>> looks like online shopping was a big hit. sales were up 20% over thanksgiving last year. many brick and mortar stores are are reporting records during the extended hours. >>> you can find us online at aljazeera.com. have a great holiday weekend. >> companies claim their $99 dna tests can tell you everything from where your ancestors came from to potential health concerns. but consider this, why is the government telling the maker of the home made dna kits to stop marketing? >>> kitty kelly looks back on her 30 years of writing unauthorized biographies. ings amazon.com, why doant it turn a huge profit? >>> the government has gotten involved telling the leading company in direct to consumer in home dna testing to suspend all marketing and advertising efforts. is this a case of consumer protection or yet another insta
is the teens don't steal from the victims, they walk away. >> will they take money or a cell phone? no, they naf, if you out. >> what is the point? >> for the fun of it. >> they think it's funny. >> what is a joke to some is costing others their lives. >> for more i'm joined by dr boyce watkins, a founder of black world coalition and a scholar in resident at syracuse. and dr willie gordon, a psychologist and the author of "practical parenting", we are seeing more of these attacks recently or are hearing more about them. what do you think is happening? >> well, i think teenagers have an inclination to engage in some degrees of social dooefians. there's alarm that the fad could catch fire, especially since the media is grabbing this. 18 over two years is not a big number, but it will increase because teenagers know that it is the cool thing to do. i think that what you see is - as a society and kids, they are desensitised to violence. you play a knock out, but you do it with ak-47s and attacking citizens. there's desensitiesition to violence and we are ignoring young people, it's hauntin
is they don't have the fact is they don't have answers to these largers issues answers to these largers issues which is which is accountability and accountability and responsibility and oversight. responsibility and oversight. they have the ability to they have the ability to investigate. investigate. they have certified humane they have certified humane officers to issue citations, to officers to issue citations, to make arrest, to investigate. make arrest, to investigate. here in los angeles, the d.a. here in los angeles, the d.a. reliance on it to pursue animal reliance on it to pursue animal cruelty investigations, not the cruelty investigations, not the police. police. they just don't do these things. they just don't do these things. so this public trust in various so this public trust in various manifestations have been manifestations have been enrusted to them and they aren't enrusted to them and they aren't making use of it. making use of it. >> hermella what is the viewer >> hermella what is the viewer question? question? >> on twitter wants to know, >> on twitter wants to know, does
estimation any way. you don't need trans fats. they were developed to increase the shelf life of products. there is an economic benefit to the people who make them because they can keep their products on the shelves longer. but while they increase the shelf life of the product, it decreases the shelf life of those who consume them. they increase chronic inflammation, which is substation for many forms of cancer. >> and people have been eating a lot fewer trans fats since the fda required that they be included on food level, and americans consumed 4.5 grams of trans-fat back in 2003 but that dropped to only 1 grama year last year. and so the question is is the fda late to the party with this proposal. >> well, better late than never. i have admiration for dr. peggy hamburg, and there is a lot of money at stake. there is a lot of pressure that they're getting from food manufacturers saying hey wait a minute, we don't want to do that. but i'm glad they are because it can make a big difference. the reasons trans-fat levels have dropped because companies have stopped using them in their produ
are scavenging for food among the debris. they don't have shelter. imagine what it must be like to be here at night-time. it's difficult to pick your way through the debris in the day. at night-time it's black. there's absolutely no light whatsoever. and now it's raining. tonight is going to be an extremely miserable time for the survivors who are still out there and who help, hep hasn't reached, and they don't have shelter. >> the other horror and health hazard - we see it in the pictures - bodies are strewn everywhere. nobody can move them at this point, because they are more concerned with survivors. >> of course. it's important for us to deal with those that have survived and ensure that they survive in the coming days, weeks, months. and to come and immediately they need food, clean water, they need shelter and medical supplies, and aid agencies such as save the children prioritise the survivors to ensure they are well taken care of, children can recover. no child should have to go through a catastrophic disaster such as this one. >> i wish you the best in your efforts to help the chi
two months ago. >> the babies need this and the elderly need it. half of chester's res residents don't have access to a car. a trip for groceries used to involve taking a couple of buses. >> there was no where in chester where you could get a head of lettuce. it's a new model to deal with urban areas. >> i don't have any real estate costs. i don't have a rent or mortgage payment to make. that helps me keep the costs low. >> 60% of the shoppers receive food stamps. >> they also receive a 7% credit every time they make payment. the store also provides access to social services. we are negotiating for prenait y'alpreflitprenatalscreening an. >> the goal was to provide easy access to food for a community that are in need. the shoppers tell me they feel safe shopping here. lisa hem helps her god daughtero take care of her three children. >> the most important of you all it's safe. >> chester's crime rate is three times higher than the national average am th and the schools rs the worst in the state. they hope that this may be the first part of chester's renewal. a community of this size
.s. has an talks? >> i don't think so. the intention of what the united states did we are not sure, because these things never come out in public quickly. the consequences we know - scuttle the peace process. the minister is using shark, undiplomatic language , unprecedented. if you saw the interview, i saw it on television, his body language is hostile. he is conveying the anger and fury in the government towards the strike >> given those comments and the way the ambassador described them, why would the u.s. have done this - is it something where they had the chance and out? >> i probably think it is that. it is that. it's a reflection - the pi reaction is a reflection of where pakistani-u.s. relations are. i would suggest in all international relations there's no relationship that is as messed up as the us-pakistan relationship. it's like a marriage not just gone bad, but poisonous. this is just a reflection of the poisonous relationship - the reaction you see from pakistan >> let's go down the list of hakimula, hakimullah mehsud, his forces and allies, to address how messed up t
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